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Keen on motorsport from his earliest childhood, Philippe Gaso decided to fully dedicate himself to his ambition: becoming a racing driver and making his name known in this competitive world. Motivated and guided by the elation of living his dreams, he finally reached the top of the podiums thanks to his tenacity.
The emotions he lived as a racing driver gave him the willingness to share his Passion.

An idea was born: creating timepieces with the name of Genova Tecnica Orologi, a tribute to his grand-father's horology store created in the 1930s in Italy.

By reinventing these three letters from his legacy, Philippe Gaso was willing to share his feeling with you. GTO design precision and timepieces technical nature give you the opportunity to not only wear a watch but to live a truly experience.

Our values

The passion

GTO brand was born out of the passions of its founder: motorsport and technical watches.
Professional and personal success is a common thread between all GTO team members. We are convinced that this success is developed from people who lead the project.

The passion

Our team gathers passionate people, who want to pass on sport passion with respect and authenticity. All the team gets involved to make the good choices with a lot of implication, which means our and your interests.

The passion

We constantly challenge ourselves to conceive everyday original products, by respecting GTO tradition.

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