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GTO partner of mythical sports cars

Driven at first by the passion of car racing, the brand of watches and accessories GTO wished to represents its values through sports partnerships, in particular with mythical sports cars:

Ferrari 308 GTB Group 4

Present during competitions as the "Tour de Corse historique" or still the "Rallye des Bornes" in France, the brand GTO is happy to be able to contribute to its way in the sharing of the memory of this inescapable car of the 80's.

Lotus Seven

The trophy Lotus, introduced in 1963 was created with the aim of helping young runners to get noticed. Today, drivers are primarily enthusiasts, nostalgic of this historic car of the 60's.
This year, the Trophy Lotus approaches its 28th season. The brand GTO wished to be present to support also, the memory of these incredible sports cars.

By this way was born the partnership between GTO and Lotus Seven N 7, still first one in the general classification.

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